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VIP Detailing NJ is a completely equipped mobile detailing business in North/Central New Jersey and surrounding areas. Our professional auto detailing and paint correction services are provided with maximum effort every time, resulting in a VIP experience.

Schedule your appointment with VIP Detailing and we will travel to your New Jersey home, apartment, or office and renew your vehicle from the inside and out. We offer a variety of auto detailing services to restore and enhance your vehicle.

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Our VIP Detailing Services

Complete Interior Detailing

Complete Interior Detailing

VIP Detailing NJ will give your interior its brand new look. Whether you need your vehicle's interior detailed and/or thoroughly cleaned, we can come to you and take care of that for you.

From dog hair removal to throw up removal and mold removal, we have restored hundreds of vehicle interiors across the North/Central New Jersey area.

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Paint Correction

The most effective method to maximize the shine of your vehicle's paint is through paint correction. By using a machine polisher, we'll remove the layer of imperfections that are holding your vehicle's paint back from having its best shine.

The result is a glossy new look that makes your car shine better than ever. Paint correction requires a professional like VIP Detailing NJ to deliver the best results.

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Complete Interior Detailing

Wash and Wax

Your vehicle should look at its best, especially if you plan on selling it. An exterior wash and wax service on your car makes a huge difference in its appearance, making it look brand new.

When your car is washed and waxed, the new look lasts longer because the wax on the car protects from outdoor elements that are hazardous to your paint.

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Wash and Wax

Other Services For Your Vehicle

Mini Detail

Includes an intricate vacuum, deep cleaning and UV protection of the door panels, dashboard and center console. While also receiving a regular wash and spray wax.

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Regular Hand Wash

We wash the vehicle with quality mitts, products, and methods. We give the vehicle a spray wax for extra shine and protection which usually lasts a few weeks.

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Mold Removal

Not only does mold create unpleasant smells and looks, it is not good for your health. We will remove the mold so that you are no longer exposed.

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Vomit Removal

It happens sometimes, and VIP Detailing offers services to remove vomit from your vehicle and restore the area so that it seems like nothing ever occurred.

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Dog Hair Removal

If your vehicle has or it is completely filled with dog hair then this add-on is for you. Removing dog hair takes time to completely remove from your interior.

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Engine Bay Detail

Thorough cleaning of the engine and inside of the hood. Finished with a gloss dressing to make your engine look like it's been in a showroom.

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Headlight Restoration

We will fully rejuvenate foggy headlights on your vehicle with the right detailing products for headlight restoration, improving your vehicle's appearance.

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Tint Removal

Is your tint beginning to show bubbles or peeling? Or do you plan on getting new tint for your vehicle? We will remove the tint from the glass for you.

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Trim Restoration

Overtime, a vehicle's exterior trim can begin to fade and make the car look older and not cared for. Have your trim restored to look new again.

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